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Sweet Stuff Blog — Cookies for Santa

Tasty Good Recipes: Cookies for Santa - Chocolate Chip Cookies with Tasty Good Toffee Bits

Posted by Katie Becker on

Cookies for Santa! 'Tis the season for baking all the things!  I'll chalk this up to a success! Three different cookie recipes baked. Plates of goodies packed for the neighbors. I finally mastered my husband's fave, Cherry Mash (low and slow is the key, my friends). and I also semi-figured out how to make not-rock-hard Rice Krispie Treats!  It's funny, though. I keep coming back to my tried and true twist on chocolate chip cookies as my favorite holiday (or any day, really) treat! (I may or may not be snacking on said cookie right now... true story.) Chocolate Chip...

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