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Custom and personalized orders

YES! Tasty Good Toffee does have a secret menu! All secret menu orders require a three bag minimum order and are not eligible for expedited shipping. Please message me to learn more!

Sizing details

Each bag of Tasty Good Toffee is one half pound (8oz) in weight. Each bag is individually zipped and heat sealed. Estimated dimensions of a filled bag are 8"x5"x2".

Care instructions

Tasty Good Toffee has an estimated shelf-life of three months if kept zip-sealed in the original bag, or a similar container. Why is that an estimation? Because it takes the will-power of a..... well, something with really strong will-power, to NOT consume the entire bag in less time! (Especially if you share with friends... and your friends LOVE Tasty Good Toffee!)

To be honest, I opened a bag of toffee that was 6-months-old, and it still tasted super duper fresh. Keep your toffee fresher, longer, by keeping it sealed tightly in the zip-sealed bag, or something similar.

To increase shelf life, you are encouraged to store your extra Tasty Good Toffee in the fridge or freezer, which, also makes for a different, yet equally irresistible, flavor profile!

Custom and personalized orders

I would LOVE to talk with you about Wholesale, Corporate Gifts and Fundraising partnership opportunities! Send me a message and we can chat!

Custom and personalized orders

So you're getting married! Congrats!!!! Did you know that your guests will remember your wedding as their most favorite if you include Tasty Good Toffee as a treat on your Big Day? 

Though I can't exactly prove that as fact, let's work together to provide a Sweet Treat for your guests to enjoy! Contact me to discuss bulk orders and wedding favor options and pricing!

(and again, Congratulations!)

Wholesale availability

I would LOVE to talk with you about Wholesale, Corporate Gifts and Fundraising partnership opportunities! Send me a message and we can chat!


Tasty Good Toffee always includes the following ingredients:
Butter, Pure Cane Sugar, Karo Syrup, Water and LOVE

Tasty Good Toffee sometimes includes (or may come into contact with):
Pecans, Sea Salt, Milk Chocolate, 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate, White Chocolate, Marshmallow Fluff, Graham Crackers, Spicy Pepper Dust (including jalapeno, scorpion, serrano, habanero and ghost peppers). 

By nature, Tasty Good Toffee is a gluten-free food.

I wish I could also claim that Tasty Good Toffee had negative calories, but that would be silly! :-) 


Serving Size

Well, here comes that word, "Will Power," again! 

I like to say that one half-pound bag of Tasty Good Toffee serves 1-20 people. It just depends if you are willing to share! 

If you are hosting an event, and want to have toffee to share (well, aren't you sweet!), I would recommend one bag for every 8-10 attendees.


I have been known to say, "Tasty Good Toffee is approved by 5-out-of-5 Dentists"

This is not a true claim, but this is my PSA to say, Tasty Good Toffee is a "Sometimes Food." 

Please do not consider Tasty Good Toffee to be a meal substitute. 

Tasty Good Toffee is mostly made of butter, sugar and love. But that love is only going to get you so far. I strongly encourage you to maintain a minimum-twice-per-day tooth brushing schedule, and please see your dentist regularly. 

Buyer Beware: Tasty Good Toffee is a hard candy that is boiled to the "hard crack" stage. There is a possibility that this could cause tooth issues for some patrons. Tasty Good Toffee will not be held responsible for any dental, medical or personal issues incurred.