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Tasty Good Toffee :: An Origin Story

Posted by Katie Becker on

This all started because of my sweet Grandma B, and her amazing baking and candy-making skills. Each Christmas, she would make all sorts of cookies and candies and everyone would devour them! 

The one candy that seemed to be the most coveted by family and friends was her Almond Butter Crunch Toffee. 

She probably made this for 50 or more Christmases. 

Then, one year, after I had graduated from college and moved back to my hometown, Grandma mentioned that she wasn't going to make toffee that year. It had gotten to be too much. 

So I grabbed a pan and a spoon and asked her to show me how. 

Over the next 10 years, or so, I made dozens upon dozens of batches of toffee, and shared it with my family and friends. There is something really great about bringing joy to people. And though Grandma passed in 2008, I know that she would be so proud of this toffee legacy!


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