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White Hot! Toffee

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One bag of buttery, rich and chocolaty Tasty Good Toffee, handmade in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Are you ready for this one? Our White Hot! Toffee (Formerly known as Vietnamese Cinnamon + Ghost Pepper Toffee) starts with the base of sweet and delectable butter crunch toffee, and then topped with premium white chocolate and finished with a sweet and spicy mash-up of premium Vietnamese Cinnamon and locally curated Ghost Pepper dust. BOOM!

Toffee is packaged in 8-ounce or 3-ounce weights, zip and heat sealed for your enjoyment.

You are encouraged to keep uneaten toffee in the original packaging, or a similarly sealable container. Refrigeration or freezing is suitable for this product - if you are able to refrain from eating it all in one sitting!